Covid-19 Update

Supporting Our Clients, Providers & Members

Covid-19 Update

Supporting Our Clients, Providers & Members

TRPN Covid-19 Update

Message from CEO & President Scott Smith

To our valued Clients, Providers and members,

As we all know, this week has seen organizations of all types around the nation institute plans for its workers, students, members, customers and the like, responding to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. And while Devon Health realizes the priorities of our clients at this moment is the health of their employees, families and members, and their own operations, I want provide an update as it relates to Devon Health and the services we provide to you.

First, from a business continuity standpoint, we are well positioned to continue providing the same level of service with no disruption. Currently the Devon Health offices remain open following all of the CDC recommended workplace procedures, In addition, most Devon Health employees are able to work from their homes with our business continuity plans and procedures. And, while the effects of this human virus would not typically put any data operation at risk, related to general Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning, all client data is maintained in state of the art, high secure, certified data centers, with geographic redundancy, allowing for a switch-over at any moment of compromise of a given data center.

Secondly, as it relates to the medical care that is delivered to your plans’ members, I will highlight what I think to be important given what we know at this moment, relative to your Devon Health delivered services.

Medicare has identified specific codes to be used for the billing of COVID-19 testing and has instructed its Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) to quickly determine reimbursement rates. We are following this closely, and will be able to identify the newly established codes when they are submitted, as well as implementing the specific reimbursement rates as they become available. If we find that other existing unlisted codes are being utilized, we will do our best screen those and work with you to ensure alignment with any strategies and processes on your end.

There has also been discussion about policy regarding payments for locations not normally authorized, such certain home visits and alternate locations (should hospital capacity be reached). We are keeping up with that as well and are prepared to implement any necessary changes.

May you, your families, employees, and customers remain healthy. Please let us know if there is anything additional with which we can help.


Scott Smith
President & CEO